Tips to avoid bouncing out of darts


Darts is an interesting game that involves a careful consideration of various points. It can be played on both professional and personal level. However, there is one major issue that is faced by almost every player i.e. the bouncing out of darts. The bounce of dart will not be something desirable for a person who is competing professionally.

Reasons of bounce:
There can be a lot of reasons due to which the darts bounce out from the board. Moreover, the dart can fall over at once or after few seconds. The main reasons for this fall include the following:

• Low-quality dart board:
Dart board comes with a variety of options. Each one is made up of a different material that provides a different result. The bounce of darts may result due to some defect in the dart board or it is an old one.

• Bad throw:
Apart from the quality of dart board, the bounce out may also result due to a bad grip and a light dart. While throwing a dart, it is essential to keep your posture and throwing position right. Moreover, you also have to focus on your grip. Any issues with this point may cause the bounce of darts as a result, you will not be able to score.
Tips to avoid dart bounces:
There are certain tips that can be followed to avoid the bouncing of darts. These tips are explained below:

1. Choose the dart wisely:
The selection of the dart must be done with extreme care. As darts comes in various shapes and sizes, there is a need to select the one that best suits your requirements. The weight of the darts may also differ that can have an effect on your throw. If the dart is light weight and you are throwing it from a wide distance, the chances of bounce out will increase.

2. Shoot properly:
Apart from the dart weight, the next essential thing to focus is the technique you are using for throwing the dart. The chances of bouncing can be minimized with the right technique. The dart bounce usually occurs when the player focuses more on the hitting spot instead of the way of throwing the dart. This shift of focus does not allow a person to concentrate on the right amount of force that should be applied.

3. Use darts with moveable tips:
There is a type of dart that comes with the spring loaded tips. With the help of these tips, the dart, when thrown, keep on moving in the forward direction. As a result, the risks of bounce outs are reduced. However, darts with the fixed tips does not provide this facility which is why it is best to choose the spring loaded darts.

These are the tips that can be followed to avoid the bouncing of darts.

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Steel Tip darts vs. Soft tip darts


When it comes to playing darts, there are several questions people want to ask. These questions include the height at which the dart board is to be placed or the weight of the darts. Apart from all this, there is another important question that prevails in the mind of people and that question is about the type of dart tip they should have. Whether they should choose a steel tip dart or a soft tip dart. The darts made from both materials have different performance.

Soft tip dart:

A soft tip dart is the one whose tip is made up of the plastic rather than other materials like steel. It is assumed that the advent of the soft tip dart was done due to the safety of the people. Soft tip darts have replaced the nasty steel ones that can have a harmful effect in the case of any accident. The dart boards that are used for the soft tip darts are made with a lot of holes that has the capacity to accommodate the darts. Each hole is created in a way that it eases the entry of the dart.
As far as the characteristics of the soft tip darts are concerned, the weight of these darts is quite less than the steel ones. The main reason is the use of plastic for the manufacturing of the tip. There are a lot of soft-tip leagues that have become famous. The soft tip darts are quite famous with the electronic dart board in which the score is digitally calculated whenever a dart enters the dart board.
Steel tip dart:

Opposite to the soft tip dart, a steel tip dart has a tip that is made up from steel. The steel tip darts are used to play darts on bristle and sisal dart boards. This kind of dart is made up with brass, nickel or silver. Brass is a somewhat light material. However, the nickel and the sliver are quite strong. The best part about the steel tip dart they will look newer for a longer period of time. Tungsten is another material that is used for the manufacturing of darts. With the inclusion of tungsten, the density of the dart is increased.
Traditionally, the game of darts was played with the help of steel tip darts but with the popularity of this game, new materials were introduced in that market, after which soft-tip darts were also introduced. They are not used on the electronic dart board as they will damage it.

Both of these types of darts are available in the market. There is a need to select the one that suits your requirements. For example, if you are planning to play darts electronically, you will be needing a soft-tip dart and if you want to get trained professionally, you need a steel-tip dart.

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Phil Taylor: The 17th time world champion


Philip Douglas “Phil” Tylor is a big name is the world of darts. He is known as the power. The legend was born in 1960 as is regarded as the greatest player of all time. Phil has won 216 professional tournaments of darts that includes 17 world championships and 84 major titles. The power has won world championships for eight consecutive years i.e. from 1995 to 2002. No other dart player has a winning record like the record of Phil.

The Early life of Phil Taylor:

The power was born on 13th August 1960. He left his school at the age of 16 and after that, he did different jobs to earn money. He was quite interested in playing darts from his childhood but he never took the game seriously. But in 1986 his wife gifted him a set of darts and he continued to play it on weekdays and occasions. He was then selected in the country team and played at the super league level.
A career in darts:

The career of Phil Taylor started in 1987. After that, he witnessed remarkable success. Tylor qualifies for the first championship in 1990. However, his career in PDC started in 1994 where he took in different tournaments and championships. Winning the title of PDC world champion for straight years, Phil continued his record in the finals of 1999 and 2002. In 2004, Taylor reclaimed the world championship and after the match, he described himself as the luckiest man alive. However, 2007 was considered as a barren period in the career of Phil. He got defeated at different leagues including the world darts trophy and the international darts league. After that, Taylor got back to his initial position, winning a lot of titles. Tylor has made 28 consecutive appearances in the 2017 edition of the world championship.

Awards of Phil Taylor:
Taylor has the records of a high-scorer in the world of darts. No other player has a winning record like the powers. There are numerous records and awards he has won. Here is a list of some awards:
• From 2007 to 2011 PDC fan’s player of the year awards
• 2006, 2008 to 2012 he won the title of PDC player of the year
• Won the title of best PSC pro tour player or floor player in 2008 and 2009
• Best televised performance of the year in 2016
• PDPA players’ player of the year award in 2008 and 2009
• Won the title of PDC hall of fame in 2011
• In 2010, the title of BBC sports personality of the year in 2010
• Finally, won the title of PDC nine-dart club in 2006, 2007, and 2008, 2 times in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2 time in 2015.
Apart from all this, there are a lot of world titles he won and then he became the 17th time world champion.

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How to select a dart board for your home


Having a dart board at home will be fun. You will be able to spend fun time with your friends or family. Apart from that, you can also practice on that board for a professional game. However, when you are selecting a dart board, you will be provided with a lot of options. You can have a vintage one or a new one. The styles and the size varies a lot. While selecting the one for your home, you have to consider the reason due to which you are buying it e.g. if you are buying it for your children, the selection process will be different.
Select the size:

There is a standard size of the dart board. A dart board must be hung at a height where the bull’s eye is 5 to 8 feet from the ground. This height is same as the eye-level of a person who is 6 feet tall. However, the dart board that is selected for the kids and for fun can be of bigger size. The dart boards are also used as a wall panel in a house’s interior and the size of this kind of dart boards are quite large.

Selecting the type:

There are various types of the dart boards that can be selected. With the passage of time, new material and new designs are created to make it more pleasing. People can also get it in the color combination they want or the material they want to have. However, the main types of the boards are explained below:

1. Magnetic dart boards:
For the magnetic dart boards, magnetic darts are used. There are no sharp tips in these darts which mean the issues are injuries are quite less. The board is quite flexible and is covered with a cloth for the protection of wall behind it.

2. Electronic dart boards:
These kind of dart boards are a kind of revolution in the game. Players don’t have to keep the record of scoring anymore as it will be recorded on the computer. Moreover, the electronic dart boards can also offer a cyber-play and it also includes games with the similar boards. That means you can have fun with your friends even when they are sitting at their own home.

3. Bristle dart boards:
Bristle dart board is the type that is created for the professional players. The board is made up with the standardized size. The inclusion of staple-free wires will prevent the bounce of the darts even when it is thrown with an awkward movement. Apart from that, the bristle dart boards are the self-healing ones.

After the selection of the type and the size, you will be able to select a dart board for your home. You can also get it customized with your favorite color and material.

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Play darts in a new way: Internet Dartboard by V-darts


The technology is advancing with every passing day and with this advancement, we are experiencing different wonders in our life. Traditionally darts were played on the board for which all the players needed to be present physically at that place. Moreover, the scores of the game were recorded manually. However, now the electronic dartboards were introduced that allows the players to calculate their score digitally.


The internet dartboard by V-darts:
The introduction of internet dartboard by V-darts have taken the world by storms. People can easily connect their dartboards with the smart phone and tablets. The evolution of dartboards started with the plain magnetic dartboards to the internet based dartboards. With the inclusion of this product in the market, a new chapter is opened. The internet based dartboards allow you to have the following advantages:

1. Play darts in your home:
One of the biggest advantages of internet dartboards is that it allows you to play by sitting at your own home or even in your room. It will connect with your friends or random people through the internet and you will be able to have a mind-blowing game with them.

2. Global online play:
The introduction of this dartboard in the market triggers the global online play. Challenge your friends or random people and play against each other.

3. A home entertainers and a commercial dartboard:
The internet dartboards are the best entertainers that can be placed in the house. Play exciting games with music. You can also record your matches. Place them in your home according to your preferences. Apart from that, these dartboards can also be used for the commercial purposes. For example, if you want to place it in your restaurant, you will be able to have an eye-catching focal point.

This dartboard will be used by the people who want to have fun in their home. No matter if you are a new or a professional player, the internet dartboard will help you to play dart in a way you want. It is basically for those people who wants to:
• Play dart at their home
• Play darts with the friends without gathering at one place
• Play darts with the random people in the whole world
• Play fair games with other people online
• Join the dart playing community of their choice without being physically present
• Have a stylish dartboard at their house
As the world is developing with every passing day, our daily life styles are changing. The patterns that were followed before to complete the tasks are changes. Along with all these changes, the ways of having fun is also changed. Everything is digital now so is your dartboard. Have a great game with the help of this internet dartboard by V-darts. Invite your friends or random people to have a fun time.

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Michael Van Gerwen: World’s Number one in Darts


At the age of 17, Michael Van Gerwen has won the title of world’s best player of the dart. He won this title in the year 2006. Also known as mighty mike, he took part in several tournaments as a teenager. He was born on 25th April in 1989. At the age of 13, Michael Van Gerwen has started playing darts which is why he won the televised nine-darts finish within four years of training becoming the youngest player to do that. In 2015, Michael Van Gerwen won the title of Grand Slam of darts he got all the winning titles PDC once in the career.
In 2007, Michael Van Gerwen beat Phil “the power”. After that, in 2011, he won the title of the young player of the year at the annual award dinner of PDC. Mighty mike has also won seven pro tour events by showing awesome performances to the audience that also includes the nine-dart finish. This finish was also repeated in the quarter-finals of the world match play in Blackpool. In October 2012, the first major title of PDC was won by Michael Van Gerwen. In 2013, he won the semi-final match with his famous nine-dart shorts. Moreover, the Michael Van Gerwen has also become the player other than Phil Taylor who has won the league table before getting the first prize. This was done after he defeated the power in the finals.
Michael Van Gerwen lost the crown of the world championship in 2015 and after that, he has responded in a great style by winning the UK open and the masters. Moreover, he has also denied a title from Gary Anderson after finishing the premier league in the third consecutive season. But he gains his title of Dubai darts matters after defeating Barneveld, Taylor, and Lewis. Before he completed his full house of PDC titles, Michael Van Gerwen also won the world Matchplay and a European championship. The major titles of PDC also include winning the grand slam of darts from Phil Taylor who is also known as the power.
In 2015, Michael Van Gerwen has picked up the World Series and took the title. Moreover, in 2016, Michael Van Gerwen again retained his titles of UK open and masters. He won the premier league championship with which he got the title for the first time. Michael Van Gerwen has beaten the record of Phil Taylor for the highest TV average. He then also beaten him in the league. In 2016, he took 25 titles and crowned as the number on in 2017 at Alexandra Palace. He averages around 100 in every of his match and continued his glorious journey. In 2017, he left the Maters match due to a physical injury but this will not stop him from getting the success in the game of darts.

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How to play dart? A guide for beginners


Playing darts is a great way of passing time with friends and family. You can also get into it professionally if you think that it is your game. Playing darts is all about the fineness. It needs a lot of practice and consistency. If you are planning to play darts and you are a beginner, here are some steps that can help you:

Step 1: Selection of the dart:
As a beginner, you need to select yours with care. There is a possibility that you have to rely on a loaner. However, while choosing your darts, make sure all three of them are of same weight and height. Another important thing that should be considered includes the shape of the darts that should be similar and the tip of the dart must be straight.

Step 2: Standing line:
Now that you have the darts with you, the next thing you need to do is to stand on the oche. Place your hand as down and move a step forward from the leg perpendicular to the line. It is best to you to draw an imaginary line from where you can decide the exact point at which your toe must be touching. Place the other foot a little behind.

Step 3: Standing posture:
Before throwing the dart, you need to stand in a straight posture. Make sure your shoulders are back but in a comfortable position. Moreover, they must also be in line with the center of the board. Before throwing, you can bend a little bit towards the board but make sure you do not lose your balance in doing this.

Step 4: Gripping the dart:
There are different ways in which a person can hold a dart. However, as a beginner, you have to choose one style and practice that so it works best for you. While selecting a grip, consider that you need a stable posture and it should be held parallel to the floor or it can also be tilted above. As you have to throw the dart, your fingers must only slightly touch the dart.

Step 5: Throwing the dart:
Now that you have your dart in your grip, the next part is throwing it. You don’t have to hop, dip or bounce. Any extra moment will disturb the throw of the dart. That is why it is best to throw a dart with a fluid and a smooth motion. You don’t have to apply much pressure on the dart to get it stick on the board.

These are the steps you need to follow for playing darts if you are a beginner. It is best to practice before you finally start playing. Pick a spot on the board and hit it every time until you get succeeded in it. With the passage of time, you will become an expert in throwing darts.

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Types of Dart Shafts


Dart playing a sport that allows you to have fun with your friends and family. You can also play it professionally. The dart play is all about a smooth throwing of dart on the exact point you are aiming at. For playing darts, it is compulsory to have a dart board and a dart that suits your requirements. Apart from all this, the dart shafts play a great role in the way the dart will fly. Different materials are used for the manufacturing of these dart shafts. All of these materials yield different results.
Types of dart shafts:
There are different materials with which the dart shafts are created. These materials include the following:
The dart shafts made from aluminum can be used for both recreational purposes and for professional players. The dart shafts made of aluminum are present in different sizes that can be selected according to the style of throwing. They are one of the most high-quality dart shafts.
Another material that creates the best dart shafts is nylon. These type of darts are best for the people who wants to play for the recreational purposes. Moreover, these types of shafts are also ideal for the ones who are learning to play this sports. The nylon made dart shafts are available in three different sized i.e. large, medium and small.
The polycarbonate shafts are quite similar to the ones that are made from the nylon. However, the only difference is the quality and strength which is greater than the ones made from nylon. With the polycarbonate dart shafts, you will be able to play effectively.
Super grip:
As far as the dart shafts for the professional players are concerned, the one made of the nylon with the super grip are the best. They come in two different sizes i.e. long and medium. These shafts have the ability to fit in the super grip that as a result, makes the flight of the shaft in the play.
Resinous shafts:
These types of shafts are created with the natural resins. The use of this material enhances the durability of the shafts, making them long-lasting. Apart from that, it also offers a great grip.
Sidewinder nylon shaft:
The flight of the shaft is opened and then it is inserted in the long split up. This feature allows a great flight protection. The shafts made in this way keeps the stability of the flight stable and open.
Spinning shafts:
Another type of dart shafts includes spinning shafts that are specifically designed for the professional players. The spinning shaft spins and prevents the darts on the dart deflections.

These are the major types of dart shafts that can be considered before buying darts for you. Make sure you select the one that best suits your requirements.

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Dart league play in America (U.S.)


The American darter association was found in 1990. The ADA was recognized as a sanctioning body for the control of dart leagues in the whole nation. There are two different dart leagues that are operated by the American darter association. The first league is known as the neutralizers in which the players can participate without any kind of hindrance. They are treated equal regardless of their abilities. On the hand, the second dart league is based on the open league format.
According to the statistics, there are around 16.64 million Americans who are interested in playing darts. The number is increasing with every passing day and the united States have provided each and every individual to get the opportunity of playing darts. The ADA offers both steel-tip and soft-tip tournaments for the people. The dart league play in America offers scratch play to 501 singles and doubles. Apart from that, the neutralizer league allows 301 singles and doubles. This dart league is operated in 30 different states. It is managed by highly trained professionals to ensure the best games ever.
There is a new addition in the American leagues in the form of online leagues. Through this platform, people will be able to play together while sitting in their houses. Moreover, more people can take part in the league then.
Upcoming events:
The details of the upcoming events of ADA is explained below:
1. 2017 ADA national championship:
This championship will start from July 26 to 30. The competition is for both soft-tip and steel-tip. Players will be provided with the pick and drop services from ADA.
2. ADA all-star event- soft and steel tip:
This event will be held on 30th July 2017. It is carried out to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the American darters association (ADA). The invites of this events are going to every dart clubs, companies, manufactures and areas.
Joining the ADA:
You can join ADA by getting an annual membership of $20.00. The membership year of ADA starts from 15th January to the 15th January of next year. You can get the membership online as well. There are a lot of benefits that are provided to the members of ADA. These benefits include:
• Cash prizes, awards, and trophies every season
• League play nationwide
• Participation in regional, local and national tournament
• The apparel of ADA logo
• A national member for the week awards and prizes.
There are some reasons due to which you should join ADA. These reasons are explained below:
• It is the only national dart league that allows both steel-tip and sift-tip tournaments.
• The neutralizer is designed in a way that anyone can play it regardless of their skills and abilities.
• Trophies, prizes, and awards
• The ADA is the only dart club that can certify the dart players as professionals. It is the dater certification program (PDCP).

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Bull Shooter Tournament for Soft-tip


Since 1986, Arachnid has run the bull shooter tournament for soft tip all around the United States. These tournaments are carried out in every dart season. At that time, the Arachnid has decided to start their own tournament league for the people and this league was named as the Bull shooter world challenge of champions’ tournaments. The first championship of the Bull shooter took place in May 1989. That tournament was conducted with four different events. More than 1000 entrants took part in that who belongs to different areas of the world. The prize money of that tournament was $25,000.
The 30th anniversary of the Bull shooter tournament is celebrated on May 2015 by Arachnid. Now, for the bull shooter tournament, the players comes around from all of the worlds to compete for the best player in the darts. The players go through 21 different events to win the prize money of $130,000. The players of the bull shooter tournaments are provided with a lot of opportunities to grow and make their own specific place in the world of darts. This is done due to the combined effort of Arachnid and group of operators who are working for providing maximum opportunities to the players.
The bull shooter world tour is comprised of 12 different regional tournaments. This tournament allows the players to compete and then qualify for the bull shooter challenge of champion’s tournament. Apart from that, there are other thousands of tournaments throughout the year. This includes 17 state level tournaments and then 10-15 additional tournaments. Due to these championships, the darts have become growing sports. Arachnid and the team are still working to provide the best playing game environment to the players. Apart from that, they are working to find out new places that will eventually improve the playing conditions and provide different opportunities to the players. The details of the upcoming events and tournaments can be seen on the bull shooter’s website.
The bull shooter’s magazine:
The bull shooter magazines are provided by Arachnid 360 who is the manufacturer of the Galaxy 3 dart game and a leader in the industry of electronic darts. This magazine is published on monthly basis and it is provided to the readers. The magazine contains all the latest information related to the activities, tournaments and different leagues that will be carried out. It also contains the information of a future event that will be useful for the dart community.
The bull shooter magazine is provided to the players and the members by mail on monthly basis. They have to pay $15 per year for getting the magazine. Moreover, the membership if the operator includes unlimited publications of the photos and articles on darts. Apart from that, the bull shooter magazine is considered to be a great tool for the promotions.

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